Czech translator Cesky
price list for translations Principal Rates
  • Minimum fee per job: CZK 1,000.
  • Consecutive interpreting for closed groups: CZK 750 an hour.
  • Consecutive interpreting for open audiences: CZK 1,000 an hour.
  • Voiceover: CZK 2 a word.
Additional Charges
  • Travel: either arranged by customer or flat rate CZK 200 within Liberec, Czech Republic, + CZK 14 per kilometer of distance by road (includes idle time and is independent of transport method) or documented costs.
  • Idle time: CZK 450 an hour (does not apply to travel time).
  • Short notice time: CZK 1,000 if under eight hours minus CZK 50 for every further eight hours until it is zero (if over 160 hours).
  • Weekend or holiday work: up to 20% (nominal 10%).
  • Preparation, such as document study: CZK 500 an hour.
  • Compensation for health risk conditions: no limit.
Other Terms:
  • Interpreting or idle time is incremented by quarter hours begun.
  • For more information, such as on discounts, see payment conditions.
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